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The Five Khands in Japu If we were to state the purpose of human birth, and the method to achieve it, in a few words it would be ‘to reunite the soul with the Creator and this is possible through Divine grace’. The first composition in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, ‘Japu’, leads us on that […]

Introduction Wide networks of Christian missionaries of various denominations exist all over the globe. Missionary work is a legitimate activity if its purpose is to impart religious education to adherents of one’s own faith and to inform others. Many Christian missionaries, however, have an agenda of obtaining conversions from other faiths. They often twist facts, […]

At the time of birth the soul is given a life-span and role to play in the life he is going to take by the Creator. These are Divine commands. In life he is subjected to numerous temptations that tend to take him away from performing the role. If he is able to resist the […]

The Five Vices to Avoid Men and women have been given sensory organs to experience nature and their surroundings. However these experiences can and do turn into obsessions. The eyes are for seeing and admiring natural, personal or created beauty as in works of art but they also look viciously on other’s beauty and wealth. […]

Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the sacred scripture of the Sikh faith which is the youngest of the organized religions of the world. The Sikhs had ten Gurus in physical form but SGGS has the hymns of the first five and the ninth Gurus only. Also included are the compositions of 15 Hindu and Muslim […]


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