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The 27th Pauri of Japji has been repeated at the beginning of Rehras Sahib starting at page 8. While the basic Baanis remain the same some changes have been made in individual words. The fundamental difference is that the latter is more in the second person addressed to Akal Purakh compared to the former. This […]

Faith and discernment or reasoning are two valuable virtues. However if they are treated in two exclusive compartments they can become pitfalls. For example faith alone may lead to the belief that one’s religion is the only one or the best. This is used by some as the basis to criticize or even slander other […]

Sri Guru Granth Sahib – The Eternal Guru Dedicated to the Gurta Gaddi tercentenary Preceptors in all religions have presented their respective concepts of the Creator, the soul, purpose of life and life in the hereafter as understood in their time. They also took into account the then prevailing social systems. However with the human […]


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