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Sacrifice means surrendering or giving up something for the sake of another considered more important. We therefore have the mother forgoing her comforts for the sake of her baby or one friend giving up his interest for the other. Parents tighten their hands on expenditure to provide for their children’s education and so on. All […]

Some Sikh families had gathered at the Shabad Kirtan (congregation) at the house of one of them at Gurgaon, India. There, a proposal was put forward to establish a Gurduara since none existed in the new colony. A young homeopathic lady doctor came forward to offer her services whenever the Gurduara was established. The new […]

The global financial system is currently in turmoil. Some one overwhelmed by the situation asked a question: “What are down-to-earth answers drawn from Gurbani to help people tackling this world financial crisis; in pragmatic terms is it possible to create a counseling service based on Gurbani, the Guru’s words”? Another person who heard this question […]

Stories about ghosts, evil spirits or haunted houses form part of some beliefs. According to these beliefs a ghost is the manifestation of a dead person or of being frightened by something unusual.An evil spirit may be wandering any where including entering the bodies of some people. Haunted houses create fright. Such beliefs exist in […]

Guru Nanak has encapsulated the Sikh philosophy in many of his Shabads (compositions). One of them says that the three pillars ofSikh faith are Simran (remembrance of the Creator and Hukam or His commands), Sach (truthfulness), and Seva (service). This Shabad in Siri Raag is on pages 25-26 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and uses […]


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