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Every human being aspires to be treated with dignity. It is the birth right of every one. Accordingly, on December 10, 1948 CE the United Nations General Assembly adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The declaration has 30 articles the first six being: All human beings are born free and equal in […]

In the spiritual context, service refers to voluntary work done for the good of humanity. It also includes service of parents and elders in one’s family and help that may be given to siblings and other relatives. Service should not be taken as something to be always done deliberately or planned in advance. Small and […]

We are in the process of discussing the five Khands in Japji. The first three namely Dharam Khand, the Realm of Duty, Giaan Khand the Realm of Knowledge and Saram Khand the Realm of effort were sequentially discussed in Pauris 34 to 36. These three lie in human domain in that they are to be […]

Japji now proceeds to describe the stages of spiritual development that could lead to achievement of the ultimate goal of human life namely merger with the Divine Spirit from which the soul emanated. These stages are called Khans or Realms and denote the progressive development of state of human mind .For this purpose there is […]


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