Category: Christianity

1. Introduction Considerable efforts are being put in by Christian Missionaries these days to obtain conversions to Christianity from amongst the Sikhs particularly the youth. These missionaries have an agenda first to mislead the Sikh youth by telling them the assumed shortcomings of Sikhi (Sikh faith) and then to say how Christianity is better. The […]

There are five organized world religions namely Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism in descending order of number of adherents. As may be seen the Sikhs outnumber the Jews. However when religions are referred to in any context the Sikh religion is rarely mentioned by writers belonging to other faiths. This is because of […]

Sacrifice means surrendering or giving up something for the sake of another considered more important. We therefore have the mother forgoing her comforts for the sake of her baby or one friend giving up his interest for the other. Parents tighten their hands on expenditure to provide for their children’s education and so on. All […]

Introduction Wide networks of Christian missionaries of various denominations exist all over the globe. Missionary work is a legitimate activity if its purpose is to impart religious education to adherents of one’s own faith and to inform others. Many Christian missionaries, however, have an agenda of obtaining conversions from other faiths. They often twist facts, […]


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