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I frequently think of my achievements in life. I boast of being a self-made man and say I will achieve more. I however feel foolish when the realization comes that the control lies elsewhere. This truth dawns on me when faced with difficult situations in life. We had to leave our place of residence at […]

Guru Arjun the Fifth Sikh Guru was informed of an impending attack by a Muslim official named Sulahi Khan. A meeting was called to make out a plan for defense. Many suggestions were made but the Guru said it was best to depend on Divine protection. Sulahi Khan set out to attack but died on […]

Gurbani gives simple guidelines for Simran. What is Simran? The literal meaning is remembrance or repetition. What is to be repeated? Naam. What is Naam? Naam has two aspects. One since Akal Purakh has no shape or form we remember or think of His virtues – Gun. By doing this we fall in love with […]


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