Category: Meditation

Naam is fundamental to the Sikh faith. It has been used in Sri Guru Granth Sahib or Gurbani innumerable times The scripture uses it in the beginning of Mool Mantar as Sat Naam and in the last Tuk “Nanak naam mile ta jiva tann mann theevai haria” before Ragmala. So SGGS starts and ends with […]

Naam literally means Name. In Gurbani it is used as a way of remembering Akal Purakh the eternal God. God is not a physical entity and as such cannot be described. He is present in every one and every thing that exists. However we cannot experience Him because of distractions around us. These in turn […]

What is Simran? Simran means remembering or saying something again and again. In Gurbani, Simran has been used for remembering God’s virtues or names given to God. This is Naam and is the means for meeting the aspirations of the soul to merge with the Creator. It involves remembering God, contemplating on His virtues and […]


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