Category: Dasam Granth

Sangat Ji, Apropos the discussion on primacy of Sri Guru Granth sahib, a short overview of Dasam Granth is presented below. A brief overview of whether the compositions forming part of Dasam Granth are those of the tenth Guru is presented below. The contents of Dasam Granth may be broadly divided into the following six […]

  There is an ongoing discussion about Dasam Granth. Some people feel that all of what it contains is not the Bani of the tenth Guru. We have Nitnem Banis which have never been questioned. There are also a number of other compositions that stand the test of Gurmat i.e. compatibility with what is contained […]

Jaapu reverently called Jaap Sahib, a composition of the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh has 199 verses. It is the second Baani after Japu or Jap Ji Sahib in the morning Nitnem, the daily practice of remembering the Formless Creator, Nirakaar. This Baani addresses or talks about Akal Purakh, the timeless and deathless Master throughout. […]


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